Study in Georgia

Study in Georgia
Dear Students,    
Georgia is one of the most exciting and stimulating countries in the world. A mix of modern and traditional, Georgia has a history is a cultural and commercial country going back to thousands of years Georgia is our home nationalities and the worlds major languages are spoken here. Every religious, cultural, social and political group is represented and the diversity of its people is one of Georgia major strengths. It is well placed to offer excellent student support, teaching and research Georgiaalso has a distinctive mission that continues the tradition’s of its well established universities which has well equipped facilities which are eminent abroad to achieve their full potential education for personal development and history.      
Student Visa Package (INDIA) includes:
  • Air Ticket
  • Overseas Insurance
  • Attestations from Ministry of Foreign Affairs from New Delhi.
  • 4 months Tuition Fee
  • 4 months Accommodation with Breakfast
  • Visa Charges
  • Document processing in India
  • Document processing in Georgia
  • Lawyers / Notary charges in Georgia
  • Air port pick up in Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Phone call to their country to inform parents (after arrival)
  • Cold drink and snacks at Airport
  • Transfers to pre booked apartment
  • Opening of your Bank account
  • Submitting your documents and getting your TRC processed in Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Two weekends Orientation party with drinks & Fun in Indian restaurant in Tbilisi
(Average Cost, it may differ on one's life style and daily standard of living)
Monthly Rent = GEL 200 - GEL 250 = Indian Rupees 7000/- to 8800/-
Monthly Food = GEL 150- GEL 250 = Indian Rupees 5250/- to 8800/-
Monthly Bus Pass = GEL 25 = Indian Rupees 875/-
Monthly Metro Pass = GEL 35 = Indian Rupees 1225/-
Indian Lunch (tiffin service of 4 roti and dal) GEL 90 = Indian Rupees 3150/-
Average gents shirts GEL 25 = Indian Rupees 875/-
Average gents Pant GEL 35 = Indian Rupees 1225/-
Self cooking & living in sharing is quite cost effective and cheap.

(any one working extra hours is not counted)

Please note: If you are willing to adopt very good European culture and life style. then only you should go. If your main purpose is to earn money, then opening up your own business is suggested, then doing jobs in any overseas country.

Currency: One Georgian Lari (1 GEL) = 35 Indian Rupees.

General Semi Skilled worker GEL 600 to 800 = (Indian rupees) Rs 21,000 to Rs 28,000/-

Skilled Worker GEL 800 to 1100 = (Indian rupees) Rs 21,000 to Rs 38,500/-

Person having good IT experience GEL 1500 to 1800 (Indian rupees) Rs 52,500 to Rs 63,000/-

Doctors, Engineer, Nurses and other Highly Skilled workers = As per the requirement of Employer and their education with experience.

Few exceptional (highly educated and experienced) students got Jobs of Rs 1,20,000/- PM also.

Optional documents (if applicable)
Employment letters (if gap in studies is to be filled, only last employment proof required), Income Tax Returns (if applying Business Visa), PAN card (if applying Business Visa),, Bank Statement, (if applying Business Visa),Copy of ATM card, ration card or any document required to process your application, if requested by Georgia Lawyer, Any Previous visa Refusal letters.

Processing time: 15 - 20 days shall be counted only when we receive all original documents (Passport, PCC, Educational certificates, Birth Certificate, Contract) and your advance tuition fee.

  • Stay for full year.
  • Easy renewal.
  • PR / citizenship after 5 years.
  • Work full time.
  • Do your own business.
  • Do investments.
  • Do any kind of work with any one.
Once you get employment. We will help you to update Immigration that now you are working with your new employer.

RENEWAL OF TRC: After one year, you have to submit all available documents (we will guide you on this too) & you get your renewal in 3 - 4 weeks time
Any one arriving on "Tbilisi International Airport" without the permission/ updating "Ministry of Justice" in Republic of Georgia and applying any visa are deported back to their native country.

Our Lawyer updates your travel plans in Republic of Georgia to: -
  1. Ministry of Justice
  2. Immigration department
  3. Foreign Police
  4. Border Control
  5. Local Police for registration.
(as and when required by law)